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Shenzhen Zhengxin Electronics Co., Ltd. is one of the Professional UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) Manufacturer in China with our own capability in Research & Development, Manufacturing, Sales and After Sales Service or One Stop Solution Centre for UPS Products, our main products including UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), UPS Power System for Power Plant, EPS (Emergency Power Supply), Inverter Power Supply, Grid Inverter, PV (Photovoltaic) Product Series, AC/DC Integrated System, Power Supply Monitoring System, Battery Control System, APF (Active Power Filter) and others Green Energy Products in order to provide the consumers with High Quality and All Aspect of Power Supply Devices. Located in Guangming District which is around 45mins from the Shenzhen Airport and also around 1.5hrs from Hong Kong Airport and also very near to the Shenzhen Yantian Port for the delivery.


Excellent Quality and Customer comes First is our company policy, we not only provide the suitable and quality product but also provide the high efficiency and reliable services to our customer. Customer Satisfaction is always our target and to become the first tier supplier of Power Supply Industry. We have served our customers from various industries with the trustworthy with each others.
Shenzhen Zhengxin Electronics Co., Ltd. provide a One Stop Solution to the UPS Series Product including Design, R&D, Manufacturing and Sales with After Sales to our valuable customer. Currently we are working closely with our customer in OEM, ODM and JDM mode, we also looking for better opportunities to work with our potential customer on some new products and new projects. With the certification of ISO9001 and ISO14000, we believed that we are able to provide the best quality and service to our customer truthfully and we are seeing the success together.

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  1. 2015/10/14What is a UPS?Ecsun

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  1. TG-500 Offline 500VA 300W Plastic Shell, LED Display, 4.5Ah, Tower
  2. K-500 Offline Ultra Wide Voltage Regulator 500VA/300W Plastic Shell, LED Display, 4.5Ah, Tower
  3. MT-1000 Ultra Wide Voltage Regulator 1000VA/600W Plastic Shell, LED Display, 7Ah, Tower
  4. MT-500S Sine Wave 0.5KS 300W, DC12V, LED Display, Long Run Machine w/o Battery, Tower
  5.  3 phase in 3 phase out 10KVA UPS
  6. 3/3 20kva/16KW Three phase phase online pure sine wave ups power
  7. 3-phase in single out high frequency 10KVA 8KW 192V with LCD display Long run machine without battery online UPS Tower W/RS232
  8. 600W solar panel sine wave power system
  9. EP Pure Sine Wave Inverter with charger1000w-12000w